Why Use Engineered Luxury Vinyl instead of other flooring options?

Unlike other laminate flooring options, Engineered Luxury Vinyl has an unparalleled consistency in it's edges. Why is this so important?

The answer is simple, it uniquely speeds up the installation process, reduces waste and always fits together correctly. With wood based or pressboard based laminates, the edges can become mashed, cracked, or otherwise damaged before or during the installation process. Installers need to check all edges to make sure they are sound before installing, and often boards will be waste if they don't measure up. Engineered Luxury Vinyl planks are always consistent, and difficult to damage. And never affected with standing water the way wood based laminates can be. So they last longer!

Client Testimonial

I'm not an avid installer...I only do this once in a while, but the less time I spend with a cleared out room, and crouched on my knees, the better. This flooring was the easiest by far!

AM Woodstock, ON

Interior Engineered Luxury Vinyl Flooring

The best choice in the industry

  • Fast, Efficient Install --The nature of the extrusion core, creates a very consistent and durable locking edge that is not damaged as easily as other flooring types. Which makes this a fast and efficient installation process with very little waste.
  • Not Affected by Moisture --Engineered Luxury Vinyl is 100% waterproof which eliminates any expansion and contraction and subsequent bowing or warping that can happen with other flooring options. And this makes it perfect for high moisture areas, basements and bathrooms or mudrooms.
  • No Need For Expansion Joints --Another feature of Engineered Luxury Vinyl's Dimension Stability allows for large surfaces to be installed without the necessity of any expansion joints.
  • Kypro Can Customize --Let Kypro help you imagine the dream design that you're looking for. If you have specific plank sizes, design impressions and colour selections in mind, let us know!


Very consistent plank edges increase productivity and reduce waste during installations.


If you've got a bit more time before you start your project, contact us to see how we can get you exactly what you were thinking about.

No Water Problems

With Engineered Luxury Vinyl, you can rest easy that water and high moisture areas like bathrooms and basements never cause a problem. Because it's 100% waterproof, it will never swell and buckle. And it's naturally resistant to odour causing mould and mildew.

See the Difference

With a full 8mm of thickness, Kypro Flooring surpasses the competition in resilience and durability, warmth of material, sound deadening, and the masking of subfloor imperfections.


KYPRO ELV Glue Down LVT Solid Locking LVT HDF Core Locking LVT Laminate
Fast and easy to install without acclimation Yes No No No No
Installs in large rooms without transition strips Yes Yes No No No
Installs with minimal floor prep Yes No No Yes Yes
Resists water without damage to flooring Yes Yes Yes No No
Will not expand or contract Yes Yes No No No
Adds warmth to the floor Yes No No No No
Resists subfloor mould and mildew Yes No No No No
Reduces noise and makes a quieter floor Yes No No No No
Hides subfloor imperfections Yes No No Yes Yes
Installs over existing hard surface floors Yes No Yes Yes Yes

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