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Who We Are

We're nimble, we're quick, and we'll get you jumping back over the candlestick in no time.

We understand that if we create a better product from start to finish, we'll reduce waste, we'll better partner with our environment, and we'll significantly reduce costs, to us, to you and to our planet.

  • Environmentally responsible
  • Well adjusted to the effects of flooring installations on the home
  • Fashion forward design, and on trend colour selections
  • Customization is a must, and we can respond easily and quickly
  • Your project is important to us!

Why Choose Us

We want to see your project become a success. And will help every step of the way from colour selection, to product selection and installation. We never tire of hearing about your amazing achievements, using Kypro Flooring!
We aren't going anywhere. When you rely on a supplier, we understand there can be challenges that come from needing to switch because you couldn't find the right solution. Work with us to find the right solution, we're always in stock, with big jobs and small. And our ability to respond quickly and efficiently to your special requests is our forté!
Our styles are cutting edge and we are able to respond quickly to trends that your customers are asking for. Check our custom section to discover what we can do for you!
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