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What is Engineered Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

An engineered floor means it's been constructed in layers. In each layer of our engineered vinyl floor is a solution to the most common flooring issues like wear and tear, durability, rigidity, and moisture resistance. Kypro’s Engineered Luxury Vinyl floor is superior in comparison to competitive vinyl flooring. By incorporating higher quality materials in each layer, right down to our high density IXPE foam underlay, you'll always get industry-leading technology with Kypro.

The secret is in the layers

Truly 100% Waterproof, Stain, Scratch, and Mould Resistant

Kypro’s Engineered Luxury Vinyl floors are made with 100% virgin PVC materials, which means there are no natural pores that can absorb moisture. This should be a key deciding factor when planning your next construction or renovation project in your office, basement, kitchen, bathroom, family, and living room space. One of the only floors that's an ideal candidate for residential and commercial spaces without compromising warranty.

With an industry leading 0.5mm wear layer our floors can be cleaned with any all-purpose cleaners. No waxes or specialty hardwood cleaning products are needed to maintain the vibrant look and soft feel. The water and stain resistant patented UniClick system prevents liquid from penetrating the surface when accidents happen. We take our floors seriously. This is why we guarantee our product for 10 years in commercial, and 25 years in residential projects.

Laminate vs Luxury Vinyl?

Most laminates are made from high-density fibreboard, comprised of recycled wood fibres. This type of material isn’t waterproof and never recommended in high moisture areas like basements, kitchens, bathrooms and commercial applications. Exposure to moisture can cause laminate flooring to expand and contract, causing uneven surfaces and bulging or splitting seams. Laminate also requires specialized cleaning, limiting the amount of water and surfactant to reduce potential degradation.

With Kypro’s Luxury Vinyl, you’ll feel the difference. Because of our industry-leading layer of high density foam, you’ll experience a significantly softer floor that’s much more comfortable to walk on. And Kypro’s Luxury Vinyl has been proven to reduce noise with it’s sound attenuating layer making it the preferred choice for all applications.

Engineered Luxury Vinyl Floor Comparison Chart

KYPRO ELV Glue Down LVT Solid Locking LVT HDF Core Locking LVT Laminate
Fast and easy to install without acclimation Yes No No No No
Installs in large rooms without transition strips Yes Yes No No No
Installs with minimal floor prep Yes No No Yes Yes
Resists water without damage to flooring Yes Yes Yes No No
Will not expand or contract Yes Yes No No No
Adds warmth to the floor Yes No No No No
Resists subfloor mould and mildew Yes No No No No
Reduces noise and makes a quieter floor Yes No No No No
Hides subfloor imperfections Yes No No Yes Yes
Installs over existing hard surface floors Yes No Yes Yes Yes

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