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Model MP014

Engineered Luxury Vinyl Features:

Engineered Luxury Vinyl is the latest technology in value added luxury flooring. There should be no other choice when thinking of laying interior flooring to compliment your decor. As an alternative to Laminate, Locking or Glue Down LVT, Engineered Luxury Vinyl holds the greatest value and benefit than any other option. It is 100% Waterproof so can be installed in wet areas, basements, or rooms prone to excess moisture. This extends to never having a floor swell, buckle or lift. It will never expand or contract under normal conditions and maintains it's dimensional stability through the harshest conditions that usually see other flooring options fail. Expansion strips in large rooms are a thing of the past with Engineered Luxury Vinyl. You will experience a warmer, quieter floor with the included layer of IXPE Foam Underlayment on each plank. Which helps this floor be naturally resistant to mould and odour causing mildew.



Plank Size Length(s) 60" (1524mm)
Width 7" (178mm)
Thickness 0.2" (5mm)
Sq.ft/Box 30.1 Sq.ft, 10pc/Box
Dimensional Stability ASTM F 2199 ≤ 0.2%
Thickness ASTM F386 ±0.005 in.
Indentation ASTM F1914 ≤ 3.5%
Curling EN434 ≤ 0.25%
Weargroup EN649 T/Fv=2.0mm3
Squareness ASTM F2055 0.010in. Max
Sound Conduction ASTM E492-09 62db
Heat Resistance ASTM F1514 ^ E < 8 ave.,
Light Resistance ASTM F1515 ^ E < 8 ave.
Chemical Resistance ASTM F925 no change
Smoke Density ASTM E662 < 450
Slip Resistance ASTM D2047 0.6 Wet/Dry
Static Load Limit ASTM f970 1000psi
System UniClic
Indoor Air Quality Floorscore Certified

Warranty and Maintenance Details

We offer a competitive warranty that is fairly simple.

  • 25YR Limited Warranty on Engineered Luxury Vinyl in residential applications
  • 10YR Limited Warranty on Engineered Luxury Vinyl in medium commercial applications

Extremely low maintenance flooring requires little attention.

  • Engineered Luxury Vinyl flooring can be cleaned with a damp mop and mild detergent, no harsh chemicals like bleach are necessary.
  • To remove grease, tars or shoe polish, a gentle quick wipe with denatured alcohol will be fine.
  • If something is stuck on like hardened gum or kitchen spills, use a blunt block of wood to scrape so as not to damage the finish.





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